Columbus Zoo welcomes birth of mandrill monkey

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium announced the birth of a mandrill monkey to a pair of first-time parents.

The zoo said in a Facebook post Wednesday that the mandrill was born Sunday morning, bringing the population of the zoo’s mandrill troop to five.

The baby is the first for mother Malaika and father Mosi, the zoo said.

“Our care team reports that Malaika and her bundle of joy are doing great. Malaika has significant maternal behaviors: she is attentive, protective, and fits in well socially with the rest of her troop,” the post said.

The zoo said Mosi has been watching the mother and newborn from a distance, as is common among mandrills.

The troop’s dominant unrelated female, Matilda, has accepted the new baby into the troop.

“Matilda grins at the baby, a very positive social expression used by mandrills,” zookeepers wrote.